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Keys and advances of sustainable plastic packaging

Sustainable packaging is here to stay, and commercial brands can't ignore it! This is a key factor in scaling sales and attracting potential customers. Discover everything in this post!


What is sustainable plastic packaging?

A sustainable packaging is one that has been manufactured with recyclable raw materials  according to standards and production processes that are aligned under a fundamental motto: the protection of the environment and the reduction of environmental pollution.

In a world with consumers increasingly aware of the care of the planet, brands have the challenge of maintaining the functionality of their products, reducing the environmental footprint to the maximum, and opting for more sustainable packaging. 

The gaze of buyers is not only focused on the product they purchase, but also on the packaging that contains it and this ends up acquiring an important part of responsibility in the consumer's purchase decision.  

The hyper-connected world in which we live has driven us to this new concern, because consumers want their favorite brands to opt for sustainable plastics and packaging in favor of the planet.

In this scenario, ecodesign, based on exclusively sustainable development and design strategies, has gained ground worldwide by promoting a new look at packaging in companies, based on reducing the impact at different stages of the life cycle of a package.

On the other hand, government policies have also made their contribution to minimize the manufacture and widespread use of single-use plastics and promote eco-packaging. Laws such as the Spanish Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils, promote green taxes on unsustainable plastics.

Opting for ecological packaging has become the rule whose main target is to use materials that allow them to be maintained for a long time without exhausting resources or causing irremediable damage to the environment

Today, companies can count on plastic containers made with recyclable raw materials, that is, they can be recovered and reused. Among them are PET and HDPEcontainers.


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Main requirements for sustainable packaging

A sustainable packaging must contain certain criteria to meet its qualification as such. In addition, from the marketing point of view, you must know how to attract the customer and communicate the brand image of the company. 

These are the requirements that are essential for a sustainable packaging to be successful.

  1. Reduction of the raw material to minimize the amount of waste to the environment, and at the same time, improve the optimization of the packaging.
  2. Use of recyclable materials that reduce environmental impact.
  3. Manufacturing strategies or management processes that promote the care of resources, such as energy reduction.
  4. Simplification of the use of raw materials and / or their unification in order to promote simplicity when it comes to their separation to be recycled.
  5. Adaptability of the design to requirements linked to comfort, internal product and conservation of the packaging to reduce the surplus of materials.
  6. Contemplation of government regulations and certifications of expert organisations in the field.

As we can conclude, a sustainable plastic packaging takes into account factors involved in the economic, social and environmental care. Thus, manufacturing processes are intended to achieve efficient energy consumption, reduce water consumption, reduce raw materials, increase reuse and recycling, becoming in a short time actions that generate great advantages to the business.


Benefits of offering sustainable packaging developed through plastics

Choosing a sustainable packaging, which is optimized, adapted to the product and that respects the regulations of environmental care, guarantees great benefits to companies, directly impacting sales, brand image and cost reduction. Let's look at it carefully.

> Respect for the environment

The most important point of sustainable packaging is that it is environmentally friendly. If you do not contemplate the essential ideas of sustainability linked to the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes based on the care of the environment where they are extracted, we will not be facing sustainable packaging.

When companies assume their commitment to the planet and are able to transform the look of the entire company to establish more sustainable processes, they have a huge impact on the environment, with the benefit of becoming an example that help substantially reduce pollution.


cta barrier packaging

> Cost reduction

The cost reduction of this type of packaging is not given by the use of recycled pellets. Unfortunately, and against to what public opinion may think, the price of this type of pellet is even higher than that of virgin pellets.

Opting for sustainable plastic packaging means reducing costs significantly since manufacturing companies in the plastic sector work on continuous development of packaging to reduce its weight. We will use less weight in each container and, therefore, less material. This weight reduction has a direct impact on the optimization of transport costs. It is also important to highlight the use and implementation of new technologies that promote the use of monomaterials, such as plasma fluorination as well as machinery with more sustainable behavior.

An indispensable condition is that sustainable packaging must return to the supply chain through its reuse-recycling, being an option for brands that seek to establish strategies based on giving a second useful life to their packaging.


> Consumer satisfaction

Many studies and market research show that companies that decide to join the green revolution by using sustainable packaging in favor of the planet, are considered by customers as responsible and committed companies.

This increases consumer satisfaction and therefore provides a competitive advantage and brand image. 


> Recyclable material

Using recyclable material allows to give a second life to the packaging and to have relevant certifications that enhance the brand image based on a real commitment to the care of the planet.


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Advances and trends in sustainable packaging for 2022

The plastics industry has been incorporating new raw materials for years that enhance the benefits of sustainable packaging

Today, biodegradable and compostable packaging  that comes from fossil or vegetable sources and that can be degraded by the action of organisms that live on the earth is a trend. But it is true that the formulations of the products must also be adapted to be able to use this type of packaging.

More and more firms decide to include sustainable packaging to protect their goods and increase the loyalty of their consumers through an attractive and environmentally friendly packaging.

At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we have sustainable plastic packaging certified with ISO 14001 since 2018. Our design team works by using ecodesign and analyzing our packaging portfolio for optimization. 

Discover our intelligent solutions and start the path of environmental care with a strategic partner.


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