Statement for our suppliers


ALCION has implemented an Integrated Management System through which it controls all aspects related to Quality and the Environment.

This system includes the communication of the Integrated Policy and the Environmental Requirements applicable to our suppliers and subcontractors, without whose collaboration would be impossible to guarantee the implementation of our environmental principles in the development of the works.

Therefore, we want to convey to our suppliers and subcontractors the need for their behaviour to be consistent, to be in the same line of action as ALCION, and inform them of the importance of complying with both the principles described in our Policy as well as the requirements established in this Guide, in order to guarantee that their behaviour ensures the greatest respect for the Environment at all times.

Our suppliers of goods and services, including subcontractors, can be classified under the following categories:

  • Suppliers of raw materials, product parts and accessories.
  • Suppliers of chemical products and/or hazardous substances.
  • Purchase and/or rental of machinery and machinery related components.
  • Maintenance of machinery, installations and vehicles.
  • Packaging suppliers.
  • Waste managers and transporters.
  • Transport companies.
  • Authorized control bodies.
  • Subcontracting and temporary works.

Taking into consideration the impact that the products and services they provide us with could have on the environment, a series of general requirements and specific requirements are established according to the kind of supplier in question.


  • Know and comply with current national, regional and local legislation applicable to their activities, products and services in environmental matters.
  • Communicate ALCION any information and/or documentation that may be requested about the environmental aspects of its products and/or services.


Suppliers of raw materials, product components and accessories

  • Solely supply materials that comply with applicable safety, quality and environmental standards.
  • Provide the corresponding quality and/or conformity certificates of the supplied products.
    • Quality certificate of each lot
    • Product Safety Data Sheet
    • Reach Compliance
    • Technical data sheet
    • Documentation with limits of test values to which the raw material is subjected (density, flow rate), in case it is not indicated in the quality certificate of each lot
    • In case of raw material, product of alimentary use, corresponding declaration of conformity (Regulation 2023 /2006 on good manufacturing practices of materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Regulation 1935/2044 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food and its amendments).

Suppliers of chemicals and/or hazardous substances

  • Solely supply materials that comply with applicable safety, quality and environmental standards.
  • Communicate to ALCION about any potential environmental or health and safety risks of its products and send the updated and corresponding Safety Data Sheet of the products supplied.
  • Inform ALCION about alternative substances more respectful of the environment and the health of the workers.
  • Label chemical product containers in accordance with current legislation, including information on risks, basic safety measures to be adopted and the management of product and empty container waste that may be generated.
  • Provide ALCION with a list of the current regulations governing the limitations of use of the substances it contains or a certificate that no such legislation exists that affects it.
  • In the case of goods subject to ADR, send to ALCION a copy of the Certificate of Approval of the transport unit and the Certificate of Training or Special Authorization of the driver.

Purchase and/or rental of machinery and machinery components

  • Inform about the corrective measures applied to reduce the environmental impact of the machine or equipment.
  • Report on potential accidents, breakdowns, abnormal operating conditions (stop and start) and their effects on the environment.
  • Supply only machinery and equipment that have CE marking, sending the CE Declaration of Conformity and the instruction manual in Spanish.

Maintenance of machinery, installations and vehicles

  • In the case of installers/maintenance of electrical installations, DHW systems, air conditioning, fire protection equipment..., send ALCION a copy of the registry that accredits the company's authorization to carry out the installation and/or maintenance work.
  • Inform ALCION of the potential effects and environmental risks of the activities and operations carried out at our facilities and, where appropriate, the preventive and corrective measures applied to minimize their environmental impact.
  • In the case of suppliers/maintenance personnel of electrical and/or electronic equipment, remove used equipment or components when replaced with new ones.

Packing suppliers

  • Promote environmentally friendly production processes and the implementation of environmental management systems and/or the environmental labelling of their products.
  • Guarantee that containers and packaging supplied do not exceed the toxicity levels established in the legislation

Waste managers and transporters

  • Send a copy to ALCION of the current authorization of the company as a transporter or manager of the managed waste.
  • In the case of hazardous waste, complete and provide ALCION with the control and monitoring documents that guarantee the correct management of the waste.
  • Immediately communicate to ALCION any incident that occurs as a result of the provision of its services in our company and may have a significant impact on the environment.

Transport companies

  • To provide the services of transport of goods in accordance with the requirements established by ALCION and the current regulations on emissions from motor vehicles.
  • To perform periodical revisions and adequate maintenance of its vehicles.
  • Carry out an efficient and safe driving that minimizes the emissions and fuel consumption of its vehicles.
  • Immediately report any accident that could have resulted in the spillage of the transported load during the provision of the service to ALCION

Authorized control bodies

  • Send a copy of the available accreditations for the measurements/analyses to be performed.
  • Send a copy of the calibration certificates of the equipment to be used in the measurements/analyses to be performed.

Subcontracting and temporary work

  • Use natural resources reasonably, such as: water, electric energy, fuel.
  • If during the provision of the service hazardous waste is generated, manage it according to current regulations.
  • Immediately communicate to ALCION any type of incident related to works or services related to our company that may pose a risk to the environment.


Regarding the quality section of our management system, we would like to inform you that, in order to guarantee the provision of a quality service, while ensuring the protection of the environment and the satisfaction of our customers, we monitor the performance of our suppliers.

For all the above reasons, we would like to inform you about the factors that we consider in this continuous monitoring of performance and its annual re-evaluation.

On one hand, we take into consideration the monitoring of the incidents in terms of quality of the product/service supplied and on the other hand, the monitoring of the incidents in terms of compliance with the committed delivery dates.

Based on the existing incidents as well as the agility and quality of the response received, the criteria for obtaining the classification of our suppliers is established.

ALCION is at your disposal for any clarification on the information indicated here.