EcoVadis Plata 2022


It is important to highlight two important celebrations for our planet: World Day for the Protection of Nature and the International Day against Climate Change. The first was established with the aim of raising awareness in the population about the need to take care of the planet and the second to warn about the devastating effects of climate change in the world.

Good intentions that must be supported by actions that implement individual or corporate contributions to achieve both objectives. The development of the present should never jeopardize the future. That is why plastic packaging re-evolves with APS.


Aware of our belonging to an essential sector for economic development, we are faithful to our DNA and therefore at APS we have developed our corporate strategy based on the sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacture of our plastic packaging for chemical products, also doing it in a friendly and beneficent way with people and being responsible to society.

Under the premises of eco-design, we develop new products that contain post-consumer recycled plastic, together with the implementation of a new technology (Plasma Fluorination) to produce plastic packaging that provides a good level of development, trying to reduce or eliminate its impact on nature, and at the same time maintaining the protection of the packaged product.

At the same time, to contribute to the minimization of climate impact, we work under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System that helps us correct all processes to achieve maximum efficiency in this area. In addition, we undergo the evaluation of the sustainability ratings agency EcoVadis, which promotes the transparency of sustainability practices and assesses the performance of aspects of Environment, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement, awarding us with the silver distinction in sustainability for this year 2022.

EcoVadis silver rating sustainability 2022

Development should not risk the future of nature

Trying to avoid that the development of the present does not risk the future of nature, in APS...

✅ we work on the basis of an environmental management system  according to ISO 14001,

✅ we rely on eco-design to develop our packaging, increasingly sustainable,

✅ we implement new manufacturing technologies, such as Plasma Fluorination,  which allow us to market 100% recyclable barrier packaging for the packaging of chemical products,

✅ we try to incorporate the maximum percentage of PCR (post-consumer plastic) in our packaging favoring the circular economy,

✅ we undergo the assessment of the sustainability ratings agency EcoVadis,

✅ we are aware of what it means to belong to a sector essential for economic development and our investments and efforts are focused on adding value,

APS, building a sustainable future