PET plastic Bottles

PET plastic Bottles: What are they and which are their benefits?

Environmental problems have widespread the idea that plastics should disappear because of their negative effects on nature. However, the packaging sector has taken its responsibility on this issue very seriously, so it has evolved and sought new ways of production being respectful and responsible for nature. PET plastic bottles might be one of the ways.

Plastic bottles are containers that we could hardly do without today. This is why PET bottles are a good way to take care of the environment without having to give up the practical functionalities that these plastic containers give us.

It is no coincidence that PET bottles have become one of  the most used packaging. These containers are resistant,  economically affordable, and most importantly, recyclable.  PET bottles are made of the material with the best  characteristics for recycling, so sustainability is no longer a problem in this regard, but rather a matter of responsibility on the part of consumers.

What are PET plastic bottles?

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the most widely used material for making plastic bottles, since it began to be used as a container of carbonated beverages in 1976. It is a  very resistant, economical and easily recyclable material, so that, in addition to being practical, it can be considered as an environmentally friendly material.

Recycled PET bottles are easily recognised for their transparency (though a little unclear compared to virgin PET bottles), lightness and flexibility, and are made up of a plastic that does not alter the smell or taste of food, nor the characteristics of other products they contain.  PET bottles are plastic containers that, after being used, can be deposited in the containers enabled for this purpose, so that they can be recycled.


Identifying PET bottles is very simple, you only have to find the symbol that classifies them, a triangle of Mubius with three  arrows representing the three steps of the recycling process and a number 1 inside

Whenever we find this symbol on the packaging we can make sure that it is recyclable plastic and, more specifically, a PET bottle.

To recycle PET bottles, must first be deposited in the appropriate containers after use, and once they are collected by the corresponding entities, they undergo a mechanical recycling process to recover the material and reuse it. Those containers that cannot be recovered could follow other recycling cycle.

Benefits of PET plastic Bottles

The main benefit of PET bottles is that they are made from the most recyclable material. It is not advisable to use the PET bottles several times by end users. It makes more sense to recycle them and re-produce new containers with them.

PET bottles can take hundreds of years to disappear in the wild, so that to avoid being harmful to the environment, awareness and good performance of end consumers is vital.  PET bottles can  be recycled several times, and although only those that have been recycled once are used for food products, they can also be used to package industrial products such as detergents  or even agrochemicals

But, in addition to being the most recycled material, the energy, water and raw material consumption needed to make PET bottles is much lower, and the carbon footprint they have is also lower than that of other materials.  

As mentioned above, lightness is also one of the main characteristics of PET bottles, and this is precisely what makes their transport much more efficient, assuming a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the use of gasoline and tires.

In addition, one of the side benefits of using PET  bottles is the number of jobs that become necessary for both the recovery and the entire packaging  recycling process.

Using PET bottles for your products is the first step in starting to reduce your company's footprint in nature. In  Alcion Packaging Solutions  we manufacture all kinds of plastic packaging, including PET bottles, mainly intended for the cosmetic and  dermocosmetic sector, adapted to the specific characteristics of each product and always taking into account the sustainability factor.   If you  want a 100% recyclable,  manageable and practical package for your product, contact us and we will find a tailor-made solution.