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Keys to sustainable innovations in plastic packaging

How is innovation applied in the creation of sustainable plastic packaging?  What benefits do packaging innovations entail and how are they achieved? Discover all the answers in this article!

We will talk about…

  1. Sustainable innovations in plastic packaging: What does it mean?
  2. Key aspects to achieve sustainable plastic packaging to pack hazardous chemicals
  3. Alcion Packaging Solutions: your ally to achieve sustainable innovations in industrial plastic packaging


Sustainable innovations in plastic packaging: What does it mean?

Innovating in the industry means turning a problem or a challenge into an idea and that idea into an opportunity. Plastic packaging manufacturing involves analysis of the complexity of packaging needs from different angles. It also requires a teamwork system that fosters relationships and the exchange of concepts and points of view.

If we also seek to go further and direct our target to the sustainability of this packaging, we can really provide alternatives and creative packaging solutions that really facilitate the circular economy

The success in the use of plastic materials is given by its undisputed versatility, capable of adapting to all types of products and sectors, either commercial or industrial. Thanks to properties such as lightness, flexibility, impermeability and resistance, plastic materials constitute one of the most versatile and most used materials for the manufacture of packaging in the world.

Plastic packaging maintains its position and is projected as the packaging of  the present but also of the future since the plastic industry has been working for years on the implementation of technological innovations that promote its sustainability and its incorporation into the circular economy.

We are talking about sustainable packaging innovation. A concept which is anchored in the conception itself, in a way of designing and manufacturing packaging that follows a more sensitive side of sustainability because it seeks to reduce the environmental impact throughout the whole process.


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Working under parameters of sustainable innovation to develop rigid plastic packaging, allows us to design and create smarter and safer packaging solutions for the industry, and therefore for society and the environment.

In addition, packaging designed through innovation brings a circularity degree to rigid plastic packaging for industry to pack hazardous chemicals that mostly require UN approval.

In addition to maintaining the levels of protection and safety of the packaged product, the plastics processing industry has managed to create designs that minimize its impact on the environment.


Benefits of sustainability in plastic packaging

Applying innovation to develop sustainable packaging offers various benefits to the environment and society but also for those companies that opt for a type of packaging that respects the environment, improving the image of their product and competitiveness.

At the environmental level, one of the essential advantages is the reduction of dependence on fossil resources and a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions.

In addition, these innovative solutions can be recycled mechanically, allowing the conversion of waste into new products, avoiding the generation of polluting waste.

At the social level, the technology applied in the design and manufacture, produces safe containers to keep products, protect them adequately and ensure their phytosanitary conditions.



As for companies that choose to incorporate packaging innovation into their products, they get a core benefit: engaging their target audience through sincere commitment to the environment

In a context where social awareness, in terms of environmental care, is increasing, brands must prioritize these trends and include them among their strategic objectives in order to reach consumers.

This enhances the relationship between customer and company, generating an  extremely positive interaction and purchase experience.


Key aspects to achieve sustainable plastic packaging for packaging hazardous chemicals

For innovation in packaging to be truly sustainable, the companies that opt for them work by taking into consideration some key points. Let’s say…


Eco Design

Design is key to sustainable innovation and this implies studying the composition of the product improving the mechanical and behavioral characteristics of the packaging to deeply optimize the packaging, reducing its environmental impact.

But in addition, working on design must be constituted as a philosophy pursuing factors that improve the life cycle and promote the recyclability of the packaging to be created to reduce the amount of material used in manufacturing.


Recyclable and reusable materials

Reduce the amount of material used to manufacture a container. This point is a priority when we talk about sustainable innovation in plastic packaging, but in addition, the raw material used must be recyclable to reduce environmental pollution.

When talking about recycling, we all think first of all of mechanical recycling, but we must not forget that the industry is also working on the possibility of chemical recycling that is capable of providing materials of much better purity and behavior to the industry.


Process optimization

The optimization of the plastic transformation process involves using improved equipment in terms of energy efficiency, use of water resources, increasing the performance of each production unit, in short, doing more with less.


Keys to sustainable innovations in plastic packaging


Alcion Packaging Solutions: your ally to achieve sustainable innovations in industrial plastic packaging

At Alcion Packaging Solutions we are part of sustainable innovation because we manufacture smart packaging solutions that respect the environment.

This June we have obtained the adaptation of our R + D + i Management System Certificate to the new version of the UNE 166002:2021 standard. Our R + D + i Committee works in accordance with the UNE 166002 so that our products can be innovative and sustainable, being able to be recycled and being part of manufacturing processes that respect the environment. Work, in short, to reduce and even eliminate the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill.


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The projects we have developed in recent years talk about it: the implementation of a design system that  studies and analyzes each container to achieve optimal behavior avoiding using excess of  material, focusing on the use of materials that are 100% recyclable, implementing technologies that provide increasingly sustainable packaging, working with efficient production units in terms of consumption and manufacturing, integrating ourselves into work teams that develop projects for the reuse of recovered materials...


Discover our solutions and join the innovation in totally sustainable plastic packaging. Get into the circle!  Contact us!