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HDPE packaging and degassing caps: best way to pack your product

Any product requires the use of safe packaging capable of withstanding transport, handling and storage. HDPE packaging is a good example as any packaging must protect the products it contains from all physical and atmospheric conditions, such as changes in temperature or altitude, that may adversely affect them.

Some chemical products, such as agrochemical and phytosanitary formulations, also have a composition that can attack the plastic packaging, making it even more difficult to choose the right material for a plastic container. In these cases, some of the most recommended options for keeping the product in perfect condition and withstanding chemical reactions is to pack in an HDPE container along with a  degassing cap.


What is  HDPE packaging?

The material used in HDPE packaging is high density polyethylene, a thermoplastic that is characterized by being hard, resistant, withstanding high temperatures and being durable.

It is not a coincidence that HDPE packaging is one of the most widely used around the world. Plastic containers made of HDPE have an acceptable cost, good resistance to aggressive products and, unlike other types of plastics, can be easily recycled.

HDPE containers can be produced by different technologies such as blowing, extrusion and injection, and although this material has countless applications and uses, most commonly as packaging, we find it, more than often, as HDPE plastic bottles and jerrycans.

In addition to their attractive cost-efficiency and the fact that they are easily recyclable, HDPE packaging is widely used for their flexibility when being processed, as they are resistant and stable during the production process.

At Alcion Packaging Solutions, we manufacture HDPE packaging by blown extrusion, transforming both virgin and recycled HDPE, to produce durable and fully recyclable packaging.

Besides, to ensure optimal protection of your product, using HDPE plastic bottles and jerrycans together with degassing caps might be the option you were looking for.


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Degassing cap to complement an HDPE container

Although HDPE packaging is high-performance packaging suitable to pack some aggressive chemical products, pressure changes can cause collapse, alterations, or deformations, including leakage of the product they contain.

All these changes can be caused by several agents:

  • Gases that are released inside the container. If these gases are retained inside with no way out, they can cause the container to swell and deform. Other ingredients, however, consume so much oxygen that they can cause the plastic container to collapse.
  • Sudden external changes in either temperature or altitude, can also cause differences of pressure inside HDPE containers and, consequently, a rapid change by gas expansion or decomposition of certain chemicals, deriving in a deformation of the container.


These agents create problems for the packer or formulator, for carriers, and even for consumers or end users. Some products can pose a health risk if the packaging leaks and causes spill of packaged chemicals, and indirectly, can also pose great costs to manufacturers, not to mention the company's poor image.

At ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS we recommend the use of degassing caps together with our HDPE plastic bottles in certain situations. Our degassing caps, either with sheet or valve, provide a way to evacuate those gases that might deform the container and let oxygen. These degassing caps are the solution for those HDPE packaging of products that are continuously exposed to changes in altitude or temperature and are the safest way to protect the product.

Degassing caps are designed to ease ventilation, although gases can come out, there will be no leakage from the HDPE bottle or jerrycan.

In the case of agrochemicals,   the use of such caps is highly recommended. They concentrate on aggressive formulae that produce gases and risk deforming their packaging, leaking, or deteriorating labeling. In addition, the use of degassing caps in HDPE plastic bottles might also prevent customers from rejecting your product due to deformed, stained or poorly looking containers.

At Alcion Packaging Solutions, we not only manufacture UN approved, resistant and durable HDPE  packaging, we also offer you a packaging solution according to the characteristics of your products. That is  why we also produce degassing caps to ensure the packaging of those more demanding products which require high protection. Let us know what you need, and we will make the container you are looking for.

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