recyclable plastic jerrycans

Advantages of recycling plastic packaging

Images of seas, lakes, and rivers full of bottles and other plastic containers or plastic jerrycans left down on the banks of the fields, are something that we see already very often in news and social networks. The problem of climate change and the footprint that humans are leaving on the planet is of increasing concern, so today it has become an issue that anyone can no longer ignore.

We constantly hear about recycling plastic packaging  as one more option to achieve sustainable packaging to pack products, and so, everyday more and more companies are already aware of their role in recycling plastic packaging.

Recycling plastic packaging is no longer a way to lower production costs, as it could be at the time, but a way to connect with consumers and their concerns in a responsible and honest way. With plastic packaging recycling, consumers  can already distinguish between companies that most take into account their concerns and those that are still one step behind in sustainability and environmental care    aspects. But knowing how to  reuse plastic packaging efficiently is still a secret to many companies that haven't yet found a way to make it happen.

Importance of plastic packaging recycling

Although many companies once joined the recycling of plastic packaging simply thinking on reducing costs, it is a much-needed measure, especially in those larger enterprises that use tons of plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging recycling is a good alternative to try to reduce as much as possible the footprint of human activity in the environment.

Plastic containers that pollute seas and rivers take hundreds of years to degrade, so they cause enormous damage to nature that no longer goes unnoticed. That's why recycling  plastic packaging can be one of the key solutions to this problem.

Reducing single-use plastics and using the material from the recovered packaging repeatedly to manufacture new products would greatly reduce the amount of packaging discarded in the environment. But plastic packaging  recycling is also a way to reduce the amount of virgin raw material used to make plastic containers.

What does seem clear is that, for one reason or another, consumers are beginning to become aware that recycling plastic packaging is essential and that is why companies in all sectors must continue to work to make their plastic packaging 100% recyclable. This is not a passing fad or a one-generation trend, but rather a countdown to make recycling plastic packaging a priority for manufacturers, society, and administrations.

A key step for plastics to stop polluting

Recycling plastic containers, either bottles, jerrycans or pots,  is a key step for plastics to stop polluting nature and starring in desolate images.

With the recycling of plastic containers, we avoid their accumulation in landfills and the need to incinerate them, solutions that are highly polluting that damage the environment and poison ecosystems.

Thanks to the recycling of plastic packaging it is possible to tip the balance in favour of the environment, using less raw materials, reducing the waste that companies and consumers generate every day converting them into new resources and having a direct impact on the production costs and image that is transmitted to society.

Recycling plastic packaging is the way to convey to customers concern for the environment, greater sensitivity and more consideration for the things that also concern them.

At Alcion Packaging Solutions  Packaging  Solutions , we are fully aware of the importance of plastic packaging recycling. We offer 100% recyclable packaging approved and  adapted  to any product.   Our production processes are totally environmentally friendly, and we use the latest and most modern technologies to achieve greater sustainability in   our product and our activity and we describe it in our  Mission and Corporate  Vision.