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2020 brings new features in the design concept of plastic packaging in ALCION

This year 2020 brings new features in the design concept of plastic packaging in ALCION  and our Technical Design Team works together with the other areas in the development of complete ranges of plastic packaging and their accessories, caps, plugs and seals, addressed  covering the agrochemical, cosmetics and industrial products (household, adhesives, automotive...) markets, and is an important part within our Committee on Product Development and R+D + i.

With regards to the Design area, we take a step further along 2020  in customer service to be able to offer our expertise  to facilitate our renders in a realistic scenario and to show a preview of the final product with a new software. We can mecanise molds  and work 3D modeling for their development  with the support of our own die casting area and the experience in mold construction for  so many years. In addition, the new digital tools we use allow us to unify the necessary technical information for all other areas.

ALCION PACKAGING SOLUTIONS can boast a magnificent reputation in the sector at national, European and global level, being one of the companies with a large experience in the sector. Plastic packaging manufactured by ALCION has a good reputation on the market being solid, durable and mainly reliable products.

Listening to our customers, adapting ourselves to their needs and designs, offering a recognized quality, durability and good finishes in our packaging .. those are the aspects that have always directed  ALCION, that have made us  stand out and have managed to stay along 75 years in the market. An increasingly demanding market, very industrial, but more environmentally friendly that needs the adaptation of agile and modern design systems to develop ever more and more sustainable and functional, environmentally friendly packaging that reduces the use of resources.