Plastic packaging for agrochemicals,
industrial and cosmetic products

In our facilities we develop and control the production of the packaging, from its design to its delivery.

Becoming PARTNERS of our customers, we offer our delivery service just in time according to the agreed needs.
Since 1945
with you and
for you
Sostenibilidad medioambiente
Environmental sustainability
we are part of the
circular economy
Soluciones homologadas
Certified solutions
thanks to our
know-how y expertise
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Our quality management system is ISO certified.
The raw materials used comply with REACH regulations.
In-line quality controls with machine vision devices.
Quality laboratory that performs rigorous controls on raw material, processes and finished product.
mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling: What is it and how does it enhance the circularity of packaging?

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post-consumer recycled plastic

Post-industrial vs. Post-consumer recycled plastic

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recyclable plastic packaging

Types of recyclable plastic packaging

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What is paneling in a plastic container?

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circular economy project

III Open House: An approach to APS’ Circular Economy Project

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storage of chemicals

Sustainable plastic storage of chemicals: An approach to the circular economy and safety

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